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Catching Up

Good afternoon my lovelies, it's Angel here at ASDCCO. I just wanted to put out a little update about everything that has happened and things that are in the works since our relaunch this spring.

First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for being there and thank you for sticking around during our 3-year sabbatical. Thank you to those who showed up in our DMs encouraging and pushing us to get back to baking. We could not have done it without you. A very special thanks to the Robbins and Crenshaw-Sewell families for their contributions and cheerleading, Thank you to Stef and Jenny and the rest of our CIH familia for the pushing and prodding. Thank you to Mr. Beef for his hard work which currently finances this company. Thank you to Nicole who drops everything to help us out in the kitchen when we need a hand and thank you to each and every single one of you who like, share, comment, purchase and otherwise genuinely keep this company moving forward. Thank you to all the wonderful companies and suppliers who are helping us along the way.

Secondly, as you may have noticed, the "Vegan Friendly" categories have disappeared. This is because from this day forward, ALL of our products are 100% Vegan friendly. These products are produced with no animal by-products and while we produce in a mixed kitchen, our baking utensils and machines are separate from others. The kitchen undergoes a complete clean down prior to and following any baking to avoid any cross contamination. For certain flavours such as "Nutty Butters" and "Bunny Bombs" which contain non-vegan additions, we are working hard to source a replacement either by developing our own or finding a suitable vegan friendly supplier with comparable sweets. Once we do, these flavours will be available once again. All other flavours are the same as they have always been as many of our products were vegan friendly to begin with. We have worked hard to ensure that the transition of our recipes would go largely unnoticed in terms of flavour and textures. So far this has been a complete success. Thank you to our valued taste testers who have been our guinea pigs from the start! We love you!

Trying to keep this short so in closing, there are a LOT of exciting things coming up soon for us and we cannot wait to share it all with you! Please do take a moment and get in touch with us. Let us know your thoughts on everything and share your experiences with us below in the comments. We live for feedback and connections!

Have an amazing day and until next time...

Angel xxx

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